4 Sons Brewing Lineup


Alright guys, our lineup for Tuesday’s Tap Takeover with 4Sons Brewing is here! On January 6th, 2015 A.D. from 5 P.M. to 10 P.M., 14 of our taps will be flowing with these tasty beers from the boys down the street. Ranging from their outstanding IPA ‘The Great One’ clocking in at 9.9%, to their brand new Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout on Nitro, they’ve put together quite the list for your enjoyment! Don’t forget to grab a glass of our collaboration brew either – a cinnamon stick infused version of their ‘Going (Coco) Nuts’ amber ale.  A big shout out to beerandbaking.com for this beautiful picture.


Check out the full list, and see you all on Tuesday. Cheers!


Not So Dum – Raspberry Blonde – 4.9%

Blonde with fresh raspberries and dried hibiscus.


Sour Hef – ?%

So new, it doesn’t even have a name yet! A tasty sour hef that you don’t want to miss!


Going (Coco) Nuts – Amber Ale, on NITRO – 5.2%

Our award-winning coconut amber ale, on nitro!


Iron Press Collaboration Brew – 5.2%

Going (Coco) Nuts amber ale infused with cinnamon sticks. Great minds came together for this specialty keg!


O’Sonset – Irish Red – 5.5%

Perfectly balanced, super sessionable.


Beach Pail – Single Hopped Pale Ale – 5.9%

Hopped with El Dorado, tropical notes.


Pair of Pears – Specialty Pale Ale – 5.9%

Pale Ale brewed with 2 types of pears and walnuts.


Peach Time – Specialty IPA – 6.3%

Tasty IPA brewed with grilled peaches, yum.


Land of Hopportunity – American IPA – 6.3%

A classic American IPA, hops hops hops!


Family Harvest – Saison – 7.2%

Unfiltered, dry, with spice notes.


The Great One – Imperial IPA – 9.9%

Perfect malt and hop balance. It’ll have you saying ‘ahhhh’.


Nightmare on Gothard St. – Chocolate Coffee Stout – 8.3%

Belgian chocolate, cacao nibs, fresh brewed coffee.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout, on NITRO – 8.3%

Creamy goodness on Nitro, don’t miss out on this brand new beer.


The Subtle One – Specialty DIPA – 9.9%

Our spiced up version of The Great One, brewed with habanero and pineapple.


The Iron Press Crew

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Menu for Tonight’s Tuesday Tap Takeover – Portola and Friends


The second portion of our Portola and Friends food special is finally in. For this savory entree we reached out to a local brewer that has a passion for getting fancy with food. Dustin Dufresno is part of 4Sons Brewing in Huntington Beach and has stepped away from the hops for a day to bring you this out of the box dinner. Sriracha infused pork belly waffle tacos; thats right, pork belly on a waffle. This will be topped with house made vinaigrette slaw, chopped bacon, fresh cilantro, and a side of sriracha aioli. You will not want to let your tastebuds miss out on this specially constructed savory mouth-gasm. TUES DEC 9TH 2014 A.D. from 5 P.M. to 10 P.M. IMG_8798

BE THERE!!!!!!!


The Iron Press Crew

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Tuesday Tap Takeover – Portola and Friends

Portola 12-14

A big thank you to Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits Co and everyone who Indulged into their amazing creations.  We have the event of a lifetime in line next for The Iron Press that involves Portola Coffee Lab on December the 9th, 2014 AD from 5:00 to 10:00 P.M. This event is going to be HUGE, involving about 18 different breweries that have infused Portola Coffee into a beer of their choice to create the best coffee beer possible. This event has also been said to be a must attend event from WhereOC.com for this holiday season. So stay tuned, this is what you have been waiting for!!!!!

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The Menu for Tonight’s Tuesday Tap Takeover – The Monkish Brewing Edition

Hawaiian Waffle Burger + Fruity Wookie Sandwich

Hawaiian Waffle Burger + Fruity Wookie Sandwich

First things first, The Iron Press team would like to thank all veterans and give a big thanks for everything you have done; THANK YOU. Tonight during our event, bring and show your military ID and get $1 off your beer. Now to enlighten you about the event, You have all been summoned to our Costa Mesa location! Tonight all beer lovers can choose from eleven (11) different beers, From their Crux Belgian to their Magnificat Belgian, flights or full pours are all fair game. Monkish Brewing Company is here and ready to let loose with all of you. Don’t forget to indulge in our refreshing one-night-only food specials.

  1. Hawaiian Waffle Burger  – A cheeseburger topped with bacon + pepper jack cheese, laying on a bed of pineapple and house made guacamole. $9
  2. Fruity Wookie Ice-Cream Sandwich – A fruity twist on a fan favorite dessert,  A wookie ice-cream sandwich surrounded by fresh strawberries and bananas. $7

While Dj Lex is traveling the world, we have a special guest Dj tonight from Preferred Status Entertainment that will keep you movin and groovin’!!

The Iron Press Crew

Monkish Brewing Co. Lineup


Hello brothers, November 11th 2014 AD, Which is this coming Tuesday; We will be having a non-cultural gathering involving our brewers all the way from Torrence CA. Monkish Brewing Co will be summoning all of your pallets to taste some ahhhhh-mazing beers. There are 11 beers lined up for all to enjoy. Enjoyment so great that it will cause you to rub your “beer baby bellies” from what has been consumed.  So circle the date, write it on your calendar, and get down here so you don’t miss out.

Checkout the entire lineup, pours beginning at 5pm:

Anomaly Belgian-Style Strong Dark Ale

ABV 8.5% IBU:30

Brown Habit– Brown Farmhouse Ale

ABV 8.3% IBU:25

Crux Belgian-Style Single Ale with Elderflowers

ABV 5.4 % IBU: 22

False Prophet Dry-Hopped Belgian-Style Amber

ABV 5.6 % IBU:30

Feminist Belgian-Style Tripel Ale

ABV 9.4 % IBU: 29

Galaxy Blonde-Galaxy Single Hop Belgian Pale

ABV 6.4% IBU:21

Magnificat Belgian-Style Christmas Ale with Spices

ABV 10.01% IBU:33

Rosa’s Hips Belgian-Style Brown Ale spiced with Rose Hips

ABV 7.3% IBU: 24

Seme Delle Vita Belgian-Style Tripel with Pistachios and Vanilla Beans

ABV 9.4% IBU: 32

Arrivant Rye-Farmhouse Saison w/ Brettanomyces gently dry hopped w/ Santiam

ABV 8.1% IBU: 29

Shaolin Fist Belgian-Style Dubbel with Sichuan Peppercorns

ABV 7.0% IBU: 21


The Iron Press Crew

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The Menu for Tonight’s Tuesday Tap Takeover – Mother Earth Brew Co.


Like PB+J?  Who doesn’t?  What better way than to slurp up our collaboration PB+J Sin Tax with these worth-shoving-in-your-mouth creations:

1. Peanut Butter + Jelly Bacon Burger – Yes.  Our hand formed burger patties, smothered with peanut butter, house-made strawberry jelly + bacon – $11

2. Cookies + Cream Waffle – Crumbled Oreo cookies, topped with marshmallows, Nutella, milk drizzle + topped with vanilla ice cream – $7

image2The time is almost upon us!

As always, DJ LexaKhan will be on the notes to make you dance.  We can’t wait to watch you guys stuff yourselves silly and to clink glasses with everyone!

The Iron Press Crew

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Mother Earth Brew Co. Lineup

Tuesday Tap Takeover

Alright you Mother Lovers, prepare yourselves this coming Tuesday – October 
14th, 2014 AD at our Costa Mesa location, because the peeps at San Diego’s 
Mother Earth Brew Co. have supplied us with some insanely tasty brews. Show 
your love for your Mother and The Iron Press Fam and stop by to enjoy a glass 
of their Wet Hop Dreams IV and so many other top notch brews.  As a special surprise, attention all you mash-up lovers out there!  What you see here is our collaboration brew with Mother Earth Brew Co.’s Sin Tax – Imperial Peanut Butter Stout.  That’s right, it’s PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME, PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! We made a delicious batch of our house-made strawberry jelly and hand delivered it down to the brewery during our little family jaunt down to San Diego. 
Checkout the entire lineup, pours beginning at 5pm: 
1. Honcho Hefe – This American Hefeweizen lets banana and clove phenols 
dominate the nose and flavor of this beautiful sunglow yellow, aAerican-style 
wheat ale. 5% abv | 13 IBU 
2. Ante Up – Quite the sessionable American Amber. A single hopped, medium 
bodied, smooth drinker, guaranteed to get you through the longest gaming 
sessions. 5% abv | 18 IBU 
3. Cali Creamin’ – A light Vanilla Cream Ale with a malty backbone thanks to 
some flaked corn and honey malt. Madagascar Vanilla Bean adds the undeniable 
nose. Perfectly delicious. 5.2% abv | 21 IBU 
4. Pin Up – A beautifully balanced Pale Ale with herbal hop aromas and San 
Diego-style bitterness. A simple grain bill keeps it hop forward with a malty 
balance. This pin up is pushing the Pale Ale boundaries and it’s sure to have you 
saying ‘aahhhhh’. 5.6% abv | 43 IBU 
5. Red Dog Rye XPA – This Rye Xtra Pale Ale utilizes a balanced blend of whole 
kernel and flaked rye malt. Finishes on the tongue with a crisp bite and hoppy 
flavor. Drink it down while appreciating its golden hue and extra levels of yum. 
5.7% abv | 48 IBU 
6. Kismet – Mad man of an IPA that reeks of New Zealand Nelson hops. IPA 
lovers, prepare yourselves, this one will leave a lingering bitterness on your 
tongue that is sure to ruin any beer consumed after it. 7.2% abv | 80 IBU 
7. Wet Hop Dreams IV – Yes, you read that right. This single hopped IPA will 
leave you having dreams you’ve never even imagined before. Fresh Hopped 
with 200lbs of Whole Leaf Citra. This brew is beautifully hoppy with an 
irresistible aroma, and it’ll knock your socks off. Oh, and did we mention we 
scored the only keg in Orange County this year?! 7.2% abv | 65 IBU 
8. Hop Jitters – Imperial Red Ale with Coffee. Beautifully balanced malt and 
hops lend their way to just enough cold pressed coffee to remind you it is not 
yet time to end the day. 8% abv | 57 IBU 
9. Sin Tax – This insanely delicious Imperial Peanut Butter Stout is full bodied 
with robust flavors. An imperial stout both dark and rich, paired with the 
creamy essence of peanut butter, twisting and tangling over your taste-buds. 
Don’t miss out. 8.1% abv | 64 IBU 
10. Sin Tax PB&J Cask – We took the already outstanding Imperial Peanut 
Butter Stout and infused it with our housemade strawberry jelly. Your favorite 
childhood lunch brought to you by great friends! 8.1% abv | 64 IBU 
11. Por Que No? – A full-bodied Imperial Brown. This golden brown brew is 
made with brown sugar and honey, giving way to notes of toffee and creme 
brulee. Because, why not?! 8.5% abv | 27 IBU 
12. Zingaro ~ Four Seasons Autumn – A killer Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial 
Stout aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels for up to a year. Then blended into a 
rich, smooth finish with notes of chocolate and vanilla. This BBA Stout offers just 
the right amount of warmth for those cool, autumn nights. 11.7% abv | 82 IBU 
We are anxiously awaiting it to finish so we can hog it all share in this miracle baby from The Iron Press and Mother Earth.
The Iron Press Crew
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Tuesday Tap Takeover – Mother Earth Brewery



Woo hooooo!!

After a super fun Takeover with the boys at Noblealeworks and having DJ LexaKhan shake the roofs and our booties next to us again, we are truly happy to announce our next Tuesday Tap Takeover in Costa Mesa on October 14th, 2014 AD – *drum roll* Mother Earth Brew Co.!

Our team headed down to San Diego County earlier this week to drop off a special ingredient in what we think will be a crazy rad collaboration beer. Check back with us soon as we unveil the lineup for the event!

The Iron Press Crew

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Big Belgian Beer Lineup!


Oh Gnome!!!

You guys are all going down tomorrow. We have brought together sixteen (16) big boozy Belgian behemoths to make you belch.  Sixteen (16)!

Without further ado, check out the lineup we have for you guys in Costa Mesa on September 16, Beginning at 5pm:

1. Duvel Single – 6.8% ABV | 30 IBU – Duvel Single is brewed to the same high standards as bottled Duvel, with the same high quality ingredients. Now, for the first time, Duvel Single is refermented in the keg, creating enhanced flavor and higher carbonation.

2. Hennepin – 7.7% ABV | 24 IBU – One of the first Belgian-style saisons brewed in America and remains a standard for the style. Ommegang’s leading draft beer, Hennepin is a hoppy, farmhouse-style ale inspired by rustic farmstead brews imbibed on traditional Belgian farms during the long days of harvest season.

3. La Chouffe – 8% ABV | 18 IBU – The legend of the gnomes who once brewed in this area inspired this lovely golden ale. Fruit, hops, and citrus aromas and tastes abound,with a spicy finish

4. Goudenband – 8% ABV | 11 IBU – This sour brown beer udnergoes a mixed fermentation that matures for 4 -12 months before being carefully blended with other ventages by the brewmaster to become “Goudenband”. The careful touch of the craft brewer is seen throughout the brewing process in this exquisite sour

5. Ommegang Abbey – 8.2% ABV | 30 IBU – Directly influenced by the patience and wisdom of the Trappists, who seek divine union – a pretty high standard for a beer, but a good one. Their first ever beer, with which we opened the doors in 1997, and still one of our two best sellers. Ommegang Abbey is made all the more distinctive by subtle aromas and flavors from brewing with exotic spices.

6. Houblon Chouffe – 9% ABV | 75 IBU – In his travels around the globe, the little Chouffe wandered through beautiful hop fields. The overwhelming aromas of Tomahwk, Amarillo, and Saaz mesmerized him. Back at home in the Ardennes he crafted a new beer combining this dazzling array of hops with the depth of body of his favorite style: The Belgian Tripel

7. La Fin Du Monde – 9% ABV | 19 IBU – It is brewed in honor of the intrepid European explorers who believed they had reached the “end of the world” when they discovered North America ‘the new world’. This triple-style golden ale recreates the style of beer originally developed in the Middle Ages by trappist monks for special occasions and as such it was the first of its kind to be brewed in North America.

8. Feminist – 9.4% ABV | 20 IBU – Spiced with hibiscus. Heavily infused with hibiscus, the beer displays a pink tinge. The beer greets you with a malty sweetness that quickly dissipates into a dry and tart grapefruit, lemonade finish.

9. Brother Thelonius – 9.4% ABV | 32 IBU – Like a Belgian “Dark Strong Ale”, this beer is rich and  robust with an ABV of 9.4. The package features a label picturing the Jazz master himself. The Brewery makes a donation to the Brother Thelonius Institute of Jazz for every bottle sold.

10. Gnomegang – 9.5% ABV | 20 IBU – The cheerful gnomes of Belgian farmstead Brasserie d’Achouffe dropped by Brewery Ommegang in the summer of 2010, bringing a present of Chouffe yeast for our brewers. Chouffe’s fruity, spicy yeast is a signature found in every Chouffe beer. Using their yeast in primary fermentation – along with their recipe, our brewing, and our yeast in bottle conditioning – yields a unique, flavorful, and aromatic dose of magic.

11. Triquillo – 9.6% ABV | 18 IBU – Trappist-style Tripel aged in Tequila barrels bubblegum nose gives way to classic tripel flavors before the influence of light agave booze and sweetness.

12. Three Philosophers – 9.7% ABV | 19 IBU – The Belgian motto is “Strength in Union.” No phrase better describes Ommegang’s delicious Three Philosophers Quadrupel, which is a masterful blend of a strong, malty quadrupel ale and authentic Belgian Kriek from Brouwerij Liefmans in Oudenarde, Belgium. It’s the only beer of its kind in the world, and the high ABV and complexity of this beer makes it a good candidate for ageing gracefully.

13. Maredsous Tripel – 10% ABV | 18 IBU – It’s elegant smoothness belies the strong alcohol content. You’ll revel in the carefully balanced, long and warming finish.

14. Horny Devil – 10% ABV | 23 IBU – Horny Devil is their interpretation of a Belgian-style Golden Ale. Brewed with authentic Belgian ingredients including candi sugar and a Trappist yeast strain.

15. Malheur 12 – 12% ABV | 30 IBU – The deep chestnut color is the crown jewel in the family of Malheur quality beers. This chestnut-colored beer releases a delightful bouquet of spices and rich hop flowers and has a full-bodied flavor. Take the time to discover this delicious tasting beer, which attests to pure craftsmanship

16. Angel’s Share – 12.5% ABV | 52 IBU – Their Angel’s Share is a barrel aged burgundy colored ale infused with copious amounts of dark caramel malt to emphasize the vanilla and oak flavors found in freshly emptied bourbon or brandy barrels. Each batch spends no less than 12 months aging in the oak. As with all of our beers, this beer is brewed for sinners and saints alike. So be an angel and share it with a friend or two.

Check back with us tomorrow morning for the yumminess you guys will be chomping on!

The Iron Press Crew