The Menu for Tonight’s Tuesday Tap Takeover – The AleSmith Edition

AleSmith x The Iron Press

AleSmith x The Iron Press

Aaaannnnnnd here is what our wacky little minds came up with for tonight’s event:

1. Corn Dog Waffle – $9 – Simple food hybrid at its finest.  A delicious brat in an Iron Press waffle dipped in sweet corn batter and fried to a crispy golden brown and served on a small bed of waffle fries with whole grain mustard syrup.  It’s Frankenstein’s waffle brat corn monster on a stick.  Have I mentioned YUM!?

2. Cinnamon Roll Waffle – $5 – We take our scrumptious cinnamon roll dough, press it in our waffle irons, and drizzle it with our maple icing to create a treat that you can’t wait to have all over your face.

Here is a little peek of the dishes:

Cinnamon Rizzle

Cinnamon Rizzle

Corn Dog Waffle

Corn Dog Waffle

DJ LeaKhan will be spinning sick tunes all night long.  From the man himself – “This is going to be a good one B.Y.O.V. (Bring Your Own Vinyl).  That’s right I’m breaking out the 1200 for your favorite tunes bring your wax and I will spin it for you. See you at the Tap Takeover!”

Len & Jerry


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