The Menu for Tonight’s Tuesday Tap Takeover – The Portola Coffee Lab Edition

Portola x The Iron Press

Portola x The Iron Press

Blaahhhhhhh!  Sorry this is so late, we literally have been scrambling around like headless chickens (fish?) to get this event squeezed in.  Just in the nick of time, here are yummies we will be serving up tonight:

1. The Iron/Portola Bloke’s Fish and Waffle Chips – $9 – Our take on an old fashioned bloke’s meal made with a traditional beer batter using Earl’s Grey Dinghy beer from Noble Ale Works.  We use our Basa white fish fried to perfection, topped with Portola’s special spice which includes a finely ground espresso bean, enhancing the taste.  Served with a generous helping of waffle fries and “Espretchup”, yes that’s an espresso ketchup served on the side for dippin!

2. Belgium waffle with fresh plums and Portola’s Cascara tea syrup. – $7 – Our superb Belgium waffle with fresh local plums and Cascara tea syrup which is made from the cherry of the coffee plant.  You’ll notice the complex tastes of a maple syrup with bright tangy notes and a sweet cherry finish.
Here’s a preview of the dishes:
The Iron/Portola Bloke's Fish and Waffle Chips

The Iron/Portola Bloke’s Fish and Waffle Chips

Belgian Waffle with Fresh Plums % Portola's Cascara Tea Syrup

Belgian Waffle with Fresh Plums % Portola’s Cascara Tea Syrup

Special guest DJ Carolina will be shooting tunes around our little joint starting from about 7 PM, we hope to see all of you here!

Len & Jerry


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