Karl is New and Tasty

Karl's Krotch

Karl’s Krotch

Yes, that is me in Karl’s unmentionables.  Yes he is tasty, well his beers are!  Within the past two (2) years or so, we have seen Karl Strauss go from borderline big boys in the industry to really focusing on their beer again.  From their core offerings to a great variety of seasonal, anniversary, and specialty brews.

We were lucky enough to get invited out to their brand new tasting room down in San Diego before the grand opening by our friend and rep, Nina last week!

Nikki x Nina x Wreck Alley x Bourbon Barrels

Nina x Nikki x Wreck Alley x Bourbon Barrels

That’s Nina and Nikki in front of some Bourbon barrel aged Wreck Alley Imperial Stout.  Nina sneaked some tasters of this guy and wowee, it was super tasty!  We are looking forward to getting our grubby little hands on a barrel of this juice and bringing it into The Iron Press soon.

Tower 20 Cask

Tower 20 Cask

A happy surprise came about an hour and a half into the evening when Paul Segura, the head brewer for Karl Strauss, tapped a cask of the Tower 20 Imperial IPA!  Creamy, bitey, yummy.  I had like five (5) glasses in the first hour, tee hee.

Phil's BBQ and Music

Phil’s BBQ and Music

To keep not just our beer buds happy, we were stuffed plenty full with Phil’s BBQ and our ears happy with some great music.

Brewing, Kegging, and Bottling

Brewing, Kegging, and Bottling

Even at night, the beer keeps brewing!  They had a brewer on hand checking on the batches there, but the kegging and bottling system was shut down for the night.

Anyhoo, it’s Saturday and you guys shouldn’t be spending all your time reading this stuff, but before your pretty eyes leave us for the day, here is some information for the tasting room:

Who: All y’all who enjoy great beer and can make the little jaunt down to San Diego.  All ages welcome, but alas, beer for those 21+
What : Karl Strauss’ New Tasting Room Grand Opening
When : July 27th, 2013 AD
Where : 5895 Santa Fe Street, San Diego, CA 92109
Why : Really?

For more information, poke here: http://www.karlstrauss.com/brewery/index.html

Len & Jerry


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