Bootlegger’s Tap Take Over(ish) This Thursday!


Just a quick shout out to to our beer lovers out there, Bootlegger’s Brewery from Fullerton will be coming in to do a tap take over(ish).  We will be bumping them up from three taps (3) to a whopping eight (8) handles for one night only – from 6 PM PST – 9 PM PST.  In addtion to our Mountain Meadow, Golden Chaos, and Black Phoenix, we have tentatively agreed on carrying their Old World, Chango, Rustic Rye, Wildfire Wheat, and Rocco Red, but that may change on the last day.  Some of these puppies are super limited runs this year, come on out, this may be the only time you can get your grubby little taste buds a splash!

Len & Jerry

P.S. Shhhhhh…we may be giving out some freebies that night.


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