OCWEEKLY in 2 Weeksies


Yikes!  Please accept our apologies, as we have not been keeping up with our blog.  We have been running around like crazy little hamsters trying to get everything up to speed and deal with all the little (huge) issues that come up with opening up a new business.  We shall do our best to catch you guys up on everything and be much better on keeping everyone in the loop on what we are getting our waffle smelling little hands in to.

To get things going, we were lucky enough to get ourselves into OCWEEKLY…twice…in less than two (2) weeks!  Jerry and I bumped into one of their bloggers, Michelle Woo, at a beer tasting event over at Slaters 50/50 over in the Huntington Beach location a few (OK almost a couple of months) ago.  She wrote this sucker up for us:


Shortly thereafter, we had our grand and chaotic soft opening.  During which time, we were lucky enough to have had another OCWEEKLian visit us.  Not surprisingly, Anne Marie Panoringan, did not let out this little secret till nearly the end of her meal.  Here is what she had to say about us:


We hope that those of you who have not stopped in yet, pop your head in and say hello to Jerry, me, or any of us over at The Iron Press soon!

Len and Jerry


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