Let Them Drink Beer!

Jonathan from Stone Joining in on the Fun

We have locked down all thirty (30) of our handles over at The Iron Press!  Things got shuffled around a bit last minute because of availability, but we feel that it all worked out in our best interest as we scooped up some barrels of brews that were on very small runs.   Just to give you an idea of how many beers on average we would go through in one sitting, take a look at the bottles we dusted off the first round with Stone:

First Stone Tasting

After that round we finished off a box that was left for us from Harbor Distribution, too ha ha.  It was a tough decision to narrow down our choices to just twenty-eight (28) taps (the last ones are reserved), but all-in-all, we are super happy with what we ended up choosing and feel super confident that we can find a beer for just about every palette out there!  I better shut up now because we want the beers to be a surprise for everyone who comes in, but I will leave you guys with one last shot of the beers we went through for our final tasting with Stone after two (2) rounds with Wine Warehouse:

Our Last Stone Tasting

Jerry and I like almost identical beers, so big thanks go out to everyone who lent us your tongues through all of our tastings!  Next up…prepping the kitchen…

Len and Jerry


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