We’ve Been Double Dipped!

SOCO Courtyard

I’m also double dipping on both The Iron Press’ and Shuck’ respective blogs, tee hee!  So, it looks like The Iron Press and Shuck were both mentioned within the OC Register ecosystem, but under different sections and journalists.  Check out the full articles here:

From Fast Food Maven by Nancy Luna – Costa Mesa center launching waffles & beer shop:

From OC Retail by Hang Nguyen – Haven’t been to SOCO? It’s time to visit:

Hopefully we can keep the steam going and continue to spread the word!

Just a little note: Arc is Noah’s cute little cuddly baby, I’m just a wee little cog in the machine on that one.  Shuck is, according to Noah, our bastard child together.

Len and Jerry (I just realized this sounds eerily similar to another famous duo doling out delicious ice cream)


6 thoughts on “We’ve Been Double Dipped!

  1. Hey Leonard. This is Drew Kalangie ( I stopped by on Saturday to say hi) and I want to congratulate you on passing your inspection. I like reaching out and making friends with fellow small business owners so whenever you need some metalwork (brackets, shelves, stainless, aluminum, whatever…) just contact me. My company’s website is alindustries.com. We don’t generally make restaurant service stuff but if you need something made as a friend contact me and I’ll make it for you, no charge.

    Keep up the good work and hopefully we’ll have a drink whenever that soft opening happens.

  2. I live in CM and found your blog through Fast Food Maven. I’m looking forward to the opening of the Iron Press! My teenagers love waffle sandwiches and so do their friends but there aren’t any local places that make them. All the best to you.

      • Hi Len and Jerry,

        I’m the chairperson for the 2012 Costa Mesa High School Grad Night silent auction being held on Saturday, May 5 at Halecrest Park in Costa Mesa. Would you be in a position to donate a gift card to our event? Our purpose is to ensure that our graduating seniors have a safe and sober grad night. If not, I understand and thank you for your consideration

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