So in Disguise that We Missed This

Our Police Crime Scene Patio

So apparently my head has been stuffed around my back side and I missed an update to Foodie in Disguise’s first interest into what we were doing.  Here’s a little banter between the man himself, Scott Mindeaux, and me a little while back about our vision for The Iron Press:

Honestly, as pumped up as we are for the momentum we are gaining, I am freaking out ha ha.  Scott, I just dug through my email and realize that I owe you a reply.  Take a gander at your inbox within the next few hours, yeah?

If you still haven’t popped over to the link above, Scott also talks about Jerry’s and his mom’s, Linda, crazy tasty Lucky Habanero Salsa.

Len and Jerry


2 thoughts on “So in Disguise that We Missed This

  1. We found out about The Iron Press from Dr. Chao & cannot wait to visit you when you open! Local beers & waffles…LOVE IT! Can’t wait to try different combos of sweet & savory waffles paired with the right beer! Foodie’s dream come true. ~Marianne ^_^

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