Cousin Calvin

Cousin Calvin and Kevin

See that handsome fellow looking back at you?  That would be my cousin Calvin who, incidentally, happens to be one bad @$$ mofo of an electrician.  The other dude in the orange shirt is Kevin.  Kevin works with Cal and has become a friend and drinking buddy through the last couple of years!  I called them on Saturday October 29th, 2011 AD to tell them they were ready to start, they showed up the next day at 8 AM PST to survey the job, and got to work on Monday.  Talk about efficiency, yeah?

Electrical Box Relocated

We needed to have our electrical box relocated to it’s new home so that Jaime and Fortino could finish up with their demolition and framing.  They’re still making quite a raucous over there with all the saw cutting and jack hammering.  So, if you are reading this and are one of our neighbors over at SOCO, soooorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy!

Things seem to be moving along at a nice pace, so I won’t bore you guys with too many of the same pictures.  In other news, Jerry and I got the lease to our warehouse right down the street from the restaurant.  We’ll be making some improvements to the space, but once we are done with them, we’ll throw a giant shin dig over there!

Today is also a special day because Jerry and I have vowed to abstain from drinking for the month of November (OK, Jerry is allowed one free pass on our friend Joe’s birthday) to discipline ourselves and really focus on getting our little baby up and running as soon as possible.  According to Facebook, our friends think we are going to fail miserably, but take heed all you naysayers, we shall prevail!

Len and Jerry


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